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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Revisiting Old Work

One consistent critique I get on my pieces is that they don't always show enough texture, so I am out to remedy that. To that end, I revised two pieces from the past (one is from at least two years ago, one is from last year). I like going back and revisiting old pieces, because I no longer have the emotional attachment to them that I once did, and am willing to take more risks to improve the piece.

The first one is relatively recent: it's the postapocalyptic world from a few posts ago, but with some texture and refinement added:



Not drastic, but I definitely think it looks better.

The second one is from spring 2009, if I remember correctly. I did it before I really knew what I was doing painting-wise, but I thought it had potential. I was frustrated with it, though, and once I turned it in for class I didn't think about it again. Until recently, when I opened it up and thought, "this could be way better with a little love."

It's from a class assignment: to create a piece in the style of an existing property. In this case, Lothlorien in The Lord of the Rings.



Both of these new pieces can be seen at my new site.

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