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Monday, July 26, 2010

Radio Silence ended!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long quiet period. I graduated from Art Center and have been doing some freelance work, which means I can't show you anything I've been working on.

Except some stuff from one client's film which may or may not ever get made. Posted with permission. Subject to sudden disappearance from my blog if the project ever goes anywhere.

The Main Character:

Design Evolution:

Pose/Action Explorations:

Costume variations:

Final Character Painting:

The City:

Thumbnail Sketches:

Color Keys:

Final Painting (still a loose sketch--would like to refine it more eventually):


  1. I loved all the concepts, colors and shapes...esp the color scripts concepts for artic world

    keep em flowin'
    All the best for your career :)

    warm regards from India

  2. Hello Lizzie,
    Your creative process is simply amazing. I like the way digitopolis shaped up. All the best for a great career ahead. Thanks a lot for sharing these.

  3. Great stuff (without knowing the story, that is is). Fun the action poses. Good looking color keys...glad you chose the one you did for the favorite too.
    Ahhh, it brings a tear to the eye.

  4. So full of life and personality! You have a wonderful handle on color. Truly inspiring... keep up the good work, my friend.

  5. really like the lighting and colors here